Thursday, January 8, 2009

Learning is Hard!

Every Wednesday Anne, Brenda and I stitch together...and talk a lot. Yesterday I had a Blogging 101 lesson from Anne. So now I know how to "link" within a Post. Very exciting! We tried to bring in some pictures behind my header but CZ (computer zone) was full of mischief. Hence the short post yesterday letting you know that I do have a couple friends! The learning curve is still alive although not speedy. Thanks for your patience. I hope to have this blog become a place of sharing...a friendly place to visit for quilting tips, recipes, and any other thoughts that come to me. Wish me luck as I try to get the picture thing going. Guess I'll need to finish a few things to test my unskill level.
Still not getting the picture thing! For the last 1/2 hr. I played with a picture to move into the header behind the title. Unfortunately it was on its side not its bottom. I think y'all would get tired of turning your head sideways to view it so I'll keep playing!

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