Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What's Next? Too Much!

It must be the time of year. You know, the start of a new year when I take an inventory of what needs finishing! So here's where I started...The Stash Closet! See those wonderful project boxes all nicely labeled? All WIPs (works in progress) just waiting to be loved again. All the fabric pieces needed to get the job done, all in one neat little box...or so I think! 
 Such treasures abound! One box has some antique Dresden Plate blocks that are from a quilt my auntie made in the 30s (I have those trimmed and ready to go into a Roman Shade in a bathroom). Another has pieces my mentor auntie started before she passed away some years back. Then there are a few boxes with WIPs waiting for me to finish the embroidered sections.
Some WIPs were already cut and ready to be pieced...such a heavenly find! After completing "Comfort and Joy" I wanted to visit my "bright side".  I pulled out "Gerbera Daisy" (59x59") from Lakehouse Quilts. It was a kit that Sew Many Quilts in Bend, OR had put together a few years ago (like 7!) All the pieces were all cut and ready to assemble along with the border/binding fabrics so it went together quickly.
I had 11 daisies leftover....Hmmmm, had to go off my Fabric Diet and get some more fabrics to finish 3 table runners....and 2 potholders. I'm quilting those now. I'll share those when I finish.
In another project box I found "Bento Box" (50x65") by Tracey Brookshier. It too was already cut and ready to go.
 And here's my wonderful gift to myself...well, half of it! Moving "The Ark" from a 400 sq.ft. play area into a 12x12' room has had a few challenges, but I'm loving the consolidation and being closer to the rest of the activity in my home. I needed to rethink cutting and pressing areas so I ordered this "Cut 'n Press" piece from Nancy's Notions. They're made by "Tracy's Tables", very good quality, come all assembled except for the drawer pulls and casters. It's awesome! It consists of the 2 side cabinets and the BigBoard that interlocks on the top. (The center cabinet I already had sitting next to my serger cabinet (both from "Tracy's Tables" and it fits perfectly!) It arrived last Thursday and I LOVE it!!! Now I'm waiting for its twin to arrive. It will go back to back to these pieces for my cutting area. Yahoo!
That's all for now kids. I'm off to begin a Terrific Tuesday. Today I'm dealing with scrapbooks for my 41 year old twins.....
I'm only up to First Grade so I better get crackin'! Wish me luck! (Papa Toad knows we won't be doing any Formal Entertaining for the next few months!)
Have no fear, I'll be sure and take a few breaks so I can do a little "Stitchin' for my Soul!"

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Comfort & Joy....DONE!

So....it's done! Except for quilting, and then adding all the buttons, ribbon etc. embellishments! The trick will be to get that all done in a timely manner.....in other words, before December 2014! Now that the monthly "Anne" pressure isn't on....will we all stay on target????? Thanks Anne, for helping me get it completed to this stage!
I kept with the wool theme for the appliqued borders....added cotton YoYo's for the berries with wool vines and leaves.
I had to smile at Anne's last post about procrastinating about blogging.....I completely agree! I've had Comfort and Joy complete now since the middle of December thinking we were all going to post the final border in December (I know, idealistic and a cock-eyed optomist leftover from the song from South Pacific!). And yet, here I am at the last minute posting my results. I guess it might be because I feel that no one's really listening to me (reading me) out there, so why bother! And I'd rather be quilting!!!
But....till the next post......I'll be stitchin' for my soul!