Friday, September 3, 2010

Am I Back?

Maybe.... My website is having issues with Malware and I don't know how to deal with it. Frustrating! I moved my blog there over a year ago and now I can't get there. Arghhhhhhh. So until I decide how to get it fixed I'll hang out here for awhile. I think I miss the journaling part of this adventure. The sharing. The airing of my brain, thinking aloud, getting feedback. And winter seems to be getting closer which means more indoors time and for me that equals more playroom time.
For now let me share my latest pattern release...."Winter Pillow Trio" pattern, #3 in the series.

Kind of fun, eh?
Labor Day weekend...time to "Labor". Time to get some summer garden cleanup done. Gardening was really tough this year in Central Oregon. I finally got my first squash blossom on August 20th and then we had our first frost the next more leaves left on the plant! I ended up with 3 peppers, 3 cherry tomatoes, lettuce, about 3 dozen carrots and 3 dinners of green beans. Obviously the high desert pioneers had more success than I did! I'm glad I can run to Whole Foods and Costco!
Time to go play for a bit.....Have a wonderful weekend and travel/play safely!
And do take some time to do some "stitchin' for the soul"!

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