Thursday, November 29, 2012

Comfort and Joy...Caught Up!

I did it! At last I'm on schedule with Comfort and Joy! I finished the November tree block along with the first BOMs that the rest of the group had done before I got started after my move.
 The center of the quilt is complete, the inner border in place and the outer border fabric chosen.
Next: appliqueing this outer border....before Christmas? Hmmmmmm, we'll see. I need to complete a few gifties first. Did I just say a "few"? Such a joke! My list always seems to exceed the reality of my time line. I'm sure that none of you have that issue! I'm trying to prioritize a little so at the top of the list are 18" doll clothes for 2 of our munchkins with a couple matching outfits for them. We'll see how that goes! The good news is that the 140 Christmas (-er, Thanksgiving cards and letters) got made and mailed on time, 1/2 our family came for a grand brined turkey (Thanks, Pioneer Woman) on The Feast Day and the Friends' Reunion Dinner for 16 last Monday came off without a hitch. So now it's time for all out production! And decorating! (I already see my To Do List shrinking!!!)

Back at ya soon.....meanwhile I need to do some Stitchin' for My Soul!

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Karen said...

Wonderful, wonderful!