Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hit by a case of Tote-itis!

Another tote? Yes, I decided that I just had to have a few more...and I also decided my family and friends did too!

The one below began with a cute embroidery pattern I'd found in Branson, MO a few years ago. Actually my "Toby" (my name for my wonderful DH) pointed out the pattern (by Jette's Hanging By A Thread) to me when I was looking for something I could make for 3 buddies that Christmas. I did 4 of the stitcheries right away but it wasn't until this February that I decided to design a bag around them and made 4 of these. Then I was on a bit of a roll and made the 3 bags above for my daughter and daughter-in-law's birthday and my daughter's mother-in-law where we stay when we visit them in Canada.
And the roll continues! This one I made for Anne's birthday last week. This one I'm publishing and it should be ready soon.
I'll show you another color version of this last one in a bit. Meanwhile MSG (My Sew Group, so named because it helps "preserve" us!) meets today so I need to go and find some clear flat surfaces that I've lost! Talk with y'all later.............Nadine


Carrie ~ said...

Thanks for sharing all your bags, I love the stitchery. I'm sure your bags were appreciated by all, you have been a busy sewer.

Kate/Massachusetts said...

Your bags are gorgeous! I love that pattern. Is it difficult to sew? Your friends are really lucky!!!