Sunday, June 14, 2009

New Color! New Pattern! June?

Almost 2 weeks & 3 Dr. visits later & it's still "a wrap" but in a new color! They say it's finally healing after a horrific strept infection...hopefully it will have an unveiling next Friday. I'm ready for it to be normal again. I don't just "sit" and watch TV very well. I'm really missing my evening hand stitching time so during TV baseball games I'm cleaning out a boat load of magazines. I subscribe to several and enjoy them for a along time but there does come a time when they begin to take over! I need to find those ever elusive cleared "flat surfaces" again!
Look at this mess that landed on our deck last Tuesday, 6/9! We ended up with 2" of 1/2" size hail that attacked everything green with a vengence...poor tomatoes, squash, beans, peppers and everything floral and leafed. Such a mess and so very sad. Downtown Bend ended up with about 4" of the stuff and caused a lot of flooded streets and traffic jams...yeah, JUNE!
At last the "Let-Us-Tote" aka Lattice Tote pattern came back from the printer and made its debut at Sew Many Quilts, a great shop here in Bend.
Gotta run for now...those "not-so-cleared flat surfaces" are begging me to help them out so I can focus on a new baby quilt pattern....Sweet baby girl will be here in just a few weeks! Have a great day stitchin' for your soul.

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