Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Issues? A Big Owie!

How did it happen? When did you do it? You did what? Now, I ask many of you have ever stuck yourself with a pin/needle while stitching? I do it nightly when I'm hand stitching. Papa Toad's always commenting..."Got yourself again?" So yesterday when I saw my doctor with my obviously infected finger and she asked the data questions, my answer was...."maybe Saturday or Sunday". I just knew that by Sunday night my finger was a little tender like when you have a splinter so I just picked up another pin and tried to poke it and squeeze! Ok, call that stupid but it'd always worked before! By Monday morning it blew up and I called to see the doctor on Tuesday. Oh yeah, and I had a fever and by night I could feel every heart throb. By the time I arrived at her office I had red lines running to my armpit. Dr. B took one look and said "I do NOT like that....I'm sending you NOW to the hand surgeon." Ok then, I guess this is serious. Two hours later I had my new numb purple finger and sat at my Safeway Pharmacy with my iced mocha waiting for my antibiotic.
This morning the numbness is finally gone, I think the redlines are nearly gone and I'll wait for the culture results to see if I'm on the right antibiotic. Medicine is is God! Yes, I'm right handed so for now I guess I'll get a lot of machine work & designing done. Meanwhile y'all be careful out there!
I did finish 3 more totes up last week while I was proofing my new pattern "Let-Us-Tote aka Lattice Tote". I'm picking the patterns up from the printer today. Yahoo!
Moda's "Portobella Market" line:
Moda's "Objects of Desire" line:
Moda's "Charisma" line:
And I'm current with Karen's BOM. I love working with wool!
Ok friends...have a Happy Wednesday and watch those pins!

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Candace said...

Oh Nadine! Your poor thing! I had that happen once on my face of all places - I looked like a football! Sounds like your meds are working - I hope you can get back to stitching soon. I love your bag - how clever and pretty!