Saturday, September 29, 2012

"Speechless", aka, "Title-less"

     Now, THAT's new and different! Me....speechless! I sit here without a Title...for this Post, that is. I know I have plenty of titles for myself......Mama Toad, Hon, Grammy, Gramma, Mrs. H, Mrs. Hogie, CEO of my little company, Queen of Organization and Clutter, Chief of the Calendar, etc...... And usually I can come up with some pretty appropriate and fun titles for this blog. I get a title in my head and then a post happens. The same thing happens when I design a quilt....a title comes to me and then I design the quilt that "feels" like the title. Yes, weird, I know. But, I digress...nothing new there.... "Rambler" could be another of my titles!
     As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, "Comfort and Joy" is the BOM I decided to join, like a crazy fool, just before we moved back to California. I really don't care for tattoos, but I need to get "Just say No!" tattooed on my forehead and both hands to remind myself that I need limits! Regardless of good intentions and foolish overestimations of the number of hours in a day, I managed to complete the section that everyone else was working on this month:
     I love wool so all the applique is wool. I still have buttons to add and I think I'm adding "Time for Yummies" to that top strip right of the gingerboys, but I'm current! Well, at least for this month. I decided to play catch-up by getting all the piecing units made so then I could just plop them in place once the applique units were done. That's what you see on the right side. On the left you see part of next month's section. Although I really love hand stitching I made an executive decision, living up to my CEO title, that all the applique on this quilt would be done with the heavy blanket stitch on my Bernina. Time is of the essence! So, the catch-up is going well. Here are the appliques for Sections 1 & 2, minus button eyes and stars, that the rest of my BOM friends did months ago:
     Anne, of Cottons 'n Wool fame, has been our great Moderator and has kept the blog BOM on track. The goal was to get this done by Christmas and it looks like it'll happen for all the other members...maybe me too if I get that tattoo soon and don't start something else! But wait, Christmas is coming....and there's so many cute ideas I have for gifts.....
     A couple years ago I kept track of my "Yahoos for 2010." I felt that my UFOs had really gotten out of control.....projects that were calling me to not only finish, but to start! I made great progress that year. I feel "Yahoos for 2013" coming on......Time to bring 'em on!
     Update on our move:
On September 17, after 13 weeks, (make that THIRTEEN!) weeks, Papa Toad got the word that he could bear full weight on his foot and become Crutchless!!! Talk about a Yahoo! WooHoo! So now the man has been getting busy trying to figure out where I put everything....silly man thinks that I remember! So he's having a new adventure of finding things and unpacking a few boxes that I opened up, saw that he'd "packed" them and quickly decided to leave them for him to deal with. All in all it's going quite well. Moving back after 15 years to the area where we raised our kids makes us feel like we've come home....a really good feeling!
     Till next time, enjoy your home and go do some "Stitchin' for the Soul" while I go see about getting that tattoo!



Karen said...

Using wool and doing the stitching on the machine is such a good idea. I am using touches of wool on each applique block for my quilt. It would go faster if I had used wool only. Your blocks look very good. You have a good selection of wool to work with.

Michelle~Sugar House Creations said...

Beautiful quilt blocks! I wish I knew how to sew. I've adored quilts made of wool because, well, they are wool (duh! hee hee) and they look so cozy. I can't to see the finished product.

Diane said...

Your blocks are beautiful and I do hope that the unpacking only brings pleasant surprises!