Monday, October 29, 2012

A Tisket, A Tasket......I finished my basket!

Aaaahhhhh, I made it! It's been pretty frantic around here! Remember when I mentioned that my Mantra was "Rome wasn't built in a day?" Well, Yahoo! Rome's getting built!!! Amazing what can get accomplished with Papa Toad no longer on crutches! Quilts are getting too! The potting bench is in place, shed and fence doors are getting aligned, high ladder stuff is getting done, and things in our new location are getting figured out! And we have a rat in the garden I'm staying clear of that place and letting Papa Toad be the hero now that we have the birdseed in Ft. Knox. Who knew they chewed through rubber garbage cans!  I don't do rodents real well.
Meanwell, I finished the basket section of the "Comfort and Joy" BOM that Anne  moderates. I must admit that in spite of my lousy timing and joining this right when I moved, I've really enjoyed having to focus on something new....and Wool!....and the monthly deadlines have been a good discipline. I've had to up my drugs but other than that it's been fun! I finished the house, stocking, snowman, flag and gingerbread basket blocks and now I'm almost done stitching the angel, Santa and tree blocks (yes, the December tree block) so I'll be posting those soon.
Meanwhile I also got 2 "Happy Jacks" done, 1 for a friend hosting Bunco, and another for my daughter's classroom (she teaches a Grade 1/2 combination class in Canada).
I'd love to tell you who the designer is but the pattern seems to be missing right now.....maybe out Trick or Treating! It was fast and easy! The best part? These 2 wall hangings and all of the Comfort and Joy blocks have come out of my stash! And sadly there doesn't even seem to be a dent in the amount of fabric hanging out around here! Hmmmmmm, this could get embarrassing! Oh well, I'll get over it.
Gotta go for now, I need to go do some Stitchin' for my Soul! But I'll be back a little sooner and show you how Papa Toad hung my design walls. So stay tuned for "Anatomy of a Design Wall". Hint: Hercules Hooks.....I think I'm in love!


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