Monday, February 24, 2014

You did What???

It was last Wednesday 9:30 a.m...Mom and I had gone for our haircuts...and Suzie had just started to cut Mom's hair...and then I get a call from my boyfriend, aka as Hubby Papa Toad...."I think I hurt myself..." Long story short: while playing tennis and running full boar to get a shot he slammed himself into a steel bench and broke his femur right below his hip. Sooooo, he had surgery to get some hardware installed so now he can test airport security alarm systems. He (We!) finally got to come home from his hospital visit Saturday afternoon. Whew! So my planned stay at home quilting retreat to join my Stashbuster buddies quickly became a stay at home retreat playing with a walker, wheelchair, physical therapy exercises and other personal care items (use your imagination!)
It is now Monday. Our weekend: He and I managed to get him into the house (a huge WHEW!), tried the bed to sleep and then figured out his lounge chair worked best. Each day will get easier...Aaah, the adventures of Life!
Meanwhile I did finish a Valentine's Day quilt. It was a kit from The Pincushion in Davis, CA. For many years they have vendored at many shows and always have really luscious fat quarter packs of 8 called "Sweet Treats". This pattern is called "Easy Peasy" (53 x 65") and the "Sweet Treat" pack that I chose was yummy.
I also finished the last 2 BOM of Kathy Schmitz's embroidered seasonal set. These were really fun with a combination of embroidery and piecing. For January:
A Valentine for February:

All ready for March Winds:
The rest of the year's BOM are finished and ready to display. Here's some leftover blocks from a quilt that has rail fence blocks. The larger quilt has these blocks set on the diagonal. It's waiting to be quilted. The leftovers became a Table Topper.

Yay! Another few UFO finishes for 2014! Now on to finishing an appliqué block for the month... I'm sure I'll be having plenty of stay at home time since Papa Toad can't do any wt. bearing for  at least 4-6 wks!!! Oh, but wait....we get to go to the orthopedic dude in 10 days to get his staples Outing!
Meanwhile, enjoy your Stitchin' for the Soul!

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