Sunday, March 16, 2014

A New Adventure and Another UFO DONE!

     Soooooooo......entranced by Crazy Quilting...I've loved it for a long time, gazed longingly at any Crazy Quilt I've ever seen, taken a class or 2, played around a bit, and made a CQ Vest years ago. Recently I came across a blog featuring the work of a gal in Australia, Sharron Boggon, . This is her last year teaching classes online so I jumped at the opportunity to learn from this master. Her work is simply incredible! When you see a block of hers you want to just keep looking and looking at all that's presented.....Like when you walk into a wonderful quilt shop and just stand in the doorway totally and wonderfully overwhelmed by all you see from that one spot!
     The class is 6 weeks long and I just completed week 1 of making the foundational block. I pulled apart a vest kit I had purchased a zillion years ago and began to flip and sew pieces together, adding some lace here and there. It's really strange to work in PINK! I'm not at all a real "pink" person, nor am I a phoo-phoo person...I tend to lean to a simple tailored fashion style avoiding gobbly gook. (So much so that when I needed a "mother of the wedding" dress when our daughter got married, I asked if the clerk had anything in "Elegant Denim" because I didn't want to wear "Old Lady Lace"!)
     So here I am starting something new, feeling excited about all the stuff and bling that I'll be playing with and also feeling a little overwhelmed at the same time. I'll keep you posted on this new journey.


     Meanwhile, back at the ranch...Boyfriend, aka Papa Toad, is making great progress with his broken leg. I no longer have to shadow him with his walker because he's more trustworthy using it now...except when he hops into our walk in shower. Then it's rubber mat, shelf liners on the tile, shower chair etc...and yes, I get a shower too! It'll be 4 weeks this Wednesday since he overzealously went for that tennis shot and on Thursday he'll see the Orthopedic dude again. When he saw him 2 weeks ago the Dr. thought he might be able to start weight bearing soon. We're hoping "soon" will mean this week!
     I've gotten another UFO finished! This is a 50x50" wall hanging that I made in 1999 that was just waiting to be quilted and bound. "Cabin in the Woods" I believe was in a magazine...maybe American Patchwork and Quilting (?). Amazing how tops can just hang marinading in closets until I make up my mind to just get them DONE! I'm sure some of you can relate!!!

 I was going to show y'all a couple more pictures but it seems that BlogSpot is acting rude again so I'll get this post up and try again in a few minutes. Why, oh why, do computers sometimes become so rude????



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