Friday, May 22, 2009

I'm Baaaaaack and Reconnecting!

Does anyone else notice that coming home from a time away makes you want to run away again? We were visiting our daughter and her family in Canada for a couple weeks. We enjoy "road trips" so we take a couple days to drive there and a couple more to drive back. The country is beautiful (sorry, no pictures...the camera was buried!) so it's a fun trip. When we left to come home it was 27 degrees at 5:30 a.m. and we drove through snow showers for 4 hours. By the time we arrived in Sand Pointe, ID that afternoon it was 83 degrees! I love Sand Pointe. Coldwater Creek clothing has their headquarters there so I always pay a visit. This time we also visited their upstairs Wine Bar and had an awesome panini sandwich and a couple Blue Moon beers. Great atmosphere, food & perfect after a long drive.
Then reality smacks you in the face when you get home: Unloading a very full Explorer, laundry, mowing, 2 weeks of MAIL, messages, & then Safeway & Costco. Oh, is it time to cook again? And our next time away is?
Grandaughter Jordan loved her bonnet and immediately decided she needed the rest of Laura Ingels' outfit...a prairie dress, apron & purse. So "Grammy" has her assignment that I need to add to my Focus List! Her brother was happy enough with his remote truck! Daughter Allison liked her batik tote and began using it right away. It didn't come as much of a surprise though because she'd seen the totes I'd shown y'all here on my blog and phoned with: "So, which one's mine?" She guessed the green batik one immediately! (Note to self: Do not show surprise gifties on blog.) Guess I'm not used to anyone actually reading this.
Going and coming I worked on my Wool Garden BOM that Karen (isn't the Lakehouse beautiful?) at Farmhouse Woolens offered. I'm loving it! Whenever we're on a road trip I'm stitching away (witness the pins in my car sun visor!). It's during these times that my design mode kicks in big time so I always have my design journal ready. I sketched a new baby quilt for a new grandaughter coming in July and wrote down some ideas for a couple other projects. One is a monthly project I'd like to offer free here once I get that process figured out.
Time to focus and do some more Stitchin' for the Soul!

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