Thursday, May 28, 2009

Are we having fun yet?

Wow...Thursday already! We had a glorious Memorial Day weekend here in Central Oregon. Papa Toad and I went to 3 nurseries on Saturday to load up on plants and supplies. The rest of the weekend we planted our 11 planters and 4 hanging pots. We'd also built a 5x12' raised bed recently so we got that loaded with a few veggies. Living in the "High Desert" (at the foot of the Cascade Mtn. range) brings with it a few challenges. The biggest test is how to keep the veggies warm enough at night when our clear air releases all the heat gained during the day. I'm trying "water walls" around tomatoes this year that are supposed to solve that problem. I'll let you check out the results as the summer progresses. Our day temps are in the 80s now and in the 40s at night.
Having so much fun outside was awesome! Trying to be somewhat disciplined, I tried to go up to The Ark every afternoon to focus on Willow Creek Quilts stuff.....and every time I got up there, I looked around and promptly turned around and went back out to the deck to look at our handiwork. R & R time is good for the soul too...............
It was back to real life on Tuesday when Son called to remind me that we're focusing on getting the website "living". The WCQ site has been languishing in deadsville, poor thing. Now the fun has begun....decisions, decisions, decisions....all in an area that I don't know diddly about. But I'm trying to learn. Am I having fun yet? Hmmm, I think not....I'd rather be sewing!

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