Saturday, May 2, 2009

Learning! and not getting Cocky!

Quilting is easier than this Blog Stuff! Here I was, starting to get a little cocky thinking "Wow, here I am blogging 2 days in a row!" That feeling left very quickly. I think it just took me 45 min. (or longer!) just to get the baby ticker thingy added! And Anne even told me how to do it! Whew! A huge congratulations to all of you who have become such masters in this area.

Our 4th grandchild will be arriving in California to join her sister (who will be 21 mo. then) in July. That will be a busy household, eh? I haven't begun to design that baby quilt yet. Sister's was pink and brown. This little munchkin's will be lime green and deep purple. Hmmm, better get thinking on this one. Any thoughts out there in Blog Land? Any fabric lines coming to mind?

Today I have to finish the "Let-Us-Tote" instructions, make a Prairie Bonnet for the 7 1/2 yr. old Canadian grandaughter (found a McCalls pattern #9424 that should do it), a matching purse, and start quilting my nephew's baby quilt.....did I tell you that this Saturday has 33 hours in it? Did I make my To Do list too long????? Talk with y'all soon and maybe I'll have some bonnet pictures to show you!

Happy Stitchin' for the Soul,



Carrie ~ said...

Oh yes, the blogging learning can totally relate to this, I have to do things a number of times before it stays in my brain....And how can something so simple take so much time.

All us grammies might have to start a grandma blog to go along with our quilting ones...
Congratulations and enjoy the process of your grandchilds new quilt, so much fun..

Karen said...

I had blog posts that took hours when I first started. I was trying to wing it through instead of reading all the instructions. And, today, I finally learned how to put a link in where it just has the person's name or say's "here". It was easy once I printed out instructions.

Kathie said...

oh it gets easier, I promise!
in a few months you won't think twice about what your doing!